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07 Dec

ADASH is a Brazilian Startup with a focus on education, contextualized in learning in cryptocurrencies, new decentralized technologies and emphasis on CARDANO technology

The objective is to take the knowledge and expertise of this new market that is emerging and gaining space in the world of finance, to potential investors in the traditional financial market, and to show a new context for the digital assets investment market.

The internet revolutionized the means of communication and brought efficiency to humanity, enabling what was previously necessary and today is undoubtedly fundamental and indispensable.

Everything is created, the need attracts transformations and the evolution does not stop.

Paulino Gerlack

CEO ADASH“The cryptographic market has assumed considerable dimensions, in addition to investment based on trust through cryptography, it has been opening up new possibilities and job opportunities in the area of information technology.

As well as the retirement of letters giving way to the means of communication over the internet, like e-mail. "

Jeferson Ferreira

CEO Cripto Education

"Our means of payment today is becoming increasingly notorious for the need to evolve and the world has already woken up to this reality, our means of payment has already become archaic and it is necessary to walk along with the needs imposed as time goes by.

We live in difficult times, everything evolves".

Access the ADASH portal and get to know the project, consider delegating with us.

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